Convertible Playbook – Spaceship


Convertible Spaceship is the ultimate play mat for kids aged 3+ years to read, play and pretend to control a spaceship!

  • Folds into a fantastic rocket that your child will simply love to play with!
  • Simple story to help your child learn to read
  • Bright illustrations by renowned children’s artist, Simon Abbott 

Author: Claire Phillip

Illustrator: Simon Abbott

ISBN: 9781782094975

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Convertible Spaceship can be used as a storybook, large play mat and be transformed into a sit-in spaceship toy. This multi use convertible book engages kids with its exciting sorry and ‘out of this world’ illustrations.

Features of Convertible Spaceship:

  • Read a short story with your child about a space mission to reach an alien spacecraft – you’ll have to dodge comets, explosions and steer past the path of other planets as you go.
  • The illustrated story route allows kids to follow and interact with the story on the large play mat, designed like our Universe, using their own toys.
  • The fun, simple text encourages word recognition and early reading skills, helps them to learn what astronauts experience in space and about the awesome Solar System
  • The sit-in toy allows kids to pretend to leave Earth and blast off into space
  • Extract from the story route: The astronauts say goodbye to planet Earth. They can see blue oceans and green land below. The Spaceship zooms past a space station. There is an astronaut floating outside it doing important repairs. A spacecraft is travelling around the planet Saturn. Its antennae send messages back to Earth.

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345 x 345 mm (when folded)




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